27 Jan

Do you wonder what’s going on at your child’s school? There is a whole lot more going on at schools now than the basic subjects of Math, English, and Science. Regardless of your opinions on these various programs, YOU, as the parent, have the right to know what is being taught. If you are like me, you receive tons of handouts and newsletters that don’t really tell you anything. Research shows that parents who receive “effective and frequent” communication from schools are more involved. Well, the problem is that the schools are not very forthcoming on the specifics. So I’ve decided that I am no longer going to wait for the information, I’m going to go there and get it.

Where am I coming from? I have a BFA degree specializing in printmaking and photography. I am certified to teach grades K-12 art and I have an endorsement to teach grades 6-12 English. I taught for one year at a “high risk” K-6 elementary school as the art specialist followed by two years of high school as one of the art teachers and the yearbook advisor. Afterwards I home schooled my own children for 2 years. My husband is also a teacher, certified in Science with an endorsement in Math. Any references out of my field of expertise I defer to him for guidance.

Some reading this may have different experiences, better or worse. But I’d like to share what I encounter and discover with all of you. It’s time to really get involved.


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