Wash Your Hands

26 Mar

My daughter is in Pre-K. They do not wash their hands before snack. They use baby wipes instead. Gross! I found out when my daughter announced before dinner that she didn’t need to wash her hands anymore. She could just use baby wipes! She was so excited about the prospect of never having to suds up at the bathroom sink anymore. I had to corner her and pop her bubble. I confronted her teacher about it. She explained to me that the sink was all the way down the hall and it was too difficult to take all the kids down there to wash up. But she assured me that baby wipes were a safe alternative. I had to correct her too. And what really irked me was that she should know better. All teachers are required to complete the Blood Borne and Airborne Pathogen Training before the start of each school year. She didn’t expect me to know that though. The best way to prevent the spread of disease is to wash with regular soap and warm water.
But don’t get me started on all that anti-bacterial crap that is out there now. Don’t waste your money on it. You don’t need it. In fact, except for special circumstances, the average person does not need it. Remember that they only kill 99.9% (at best) of all bacteria. So what do you think is happening to the other 0.1%? It is now stronger and more resistant. All we are doing is breeding stronger germs. We are on the verge of germophobia and it is not healthy for us. Not all bacteria is bad for you either. And don’t forget that regular exposure boosts your immune system too. My husband did an experiment while still in school. It was a test on the most effective way to clean your hands. They used plain water, regular soap and water, and a hand sanitizer (like germ-x or purell). Regular soap was far and away the best option. But get this! Washing your hands with plain water got your hands CLEANER than when using a hand sanitizer.


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