Our Birthday Tradition

10 Apr

Since my first child had his first birthday, I’ve always made a cake for the celebrating child. Then, when he turned 4, I did something that would forever change all future birthdays. I made him a “paw print cake”. For those who don’t know the significance of this, my son was a HUGE (and I mean H U G E) Blues Clues fan. So, the lucky little lad had a totally unique giant blue paw print. He was exstatic. And so it began. Since then every year, weeks before his birthday, he would start planning. What kind of cake would he get this year. Next we had Blue and Magenta carefully iced in the surface of the whipped cream topping. I even went so far as constructing a hockey net (during his hockey cake phase) out of straws and string. Yes, It’s a huge amount of work; but part of me secretly enjoys it. It wasn’t until last year that I realized what I had gotten myself into. My lucky son gleefully asked his soon to be 4 year old sister what kind of cake would she want and she excitedly announces that she wants a pink TRIANGLE cake. Good Lord! What had I done. I’ve got four of them! Can you imagine coming up with 4 individually designed cakes each year! Ah well. I’ll do it because they love it and it makes me feel good.


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