12 Jul

What a week! And it’s not even Friday. There are just some days when my kids seem to sap the energy right out of me. Yesterday was the worst. They just all needed so much attention all at the same time. It’s part of being a mom. It just makes it very hard to get anything done, like laundry and dishes, or (ugh) showering. I have found that at times like this, it is just better to stop what you are doing and give them the time and attention they need. Otherwise the frustration just increases. Yes, the kitchen won’t be clean or the floor vacuumed. But you will end up with some happy and well-adjusted kids. That is not to say that you should be a slave to your kids demands. Not at all. Most of the time my kids are well able to entertain themselves and each other. And I spend a reasonable amount of time with them. But some days they need more than the norm. And that is okay with me.


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