Band Program

6 Aug

As you know, we are beginning to homeschool our kids again. The only problem we had was that #1 has been in the public school’s band program for the last two years, and he didn’t really want to quit. Well, short of starting our own band program, which I have to admit is far out of my league right now, we didn’t have many options. So we talked to the middle school band director to see what we could do. Did he know of any municipal programs, private teachers, or would he be willing to keep our child in his program even though not enrolled in school?

Technically, in Illinois, you can make your homeschool a private school. You even have the authority to issue a diploma. Keep in mind, however, that you must be able to document all assessments. And it is recommended that you have your children take the state assessment tests or at least the GED test just for documentation of abilities. You also have the right to have access to public school resources like sports and arts programs; you do, after all, pay the taxes for the school. The problem can come when the school puts restrictions on how you can have access to those resources. Some schools will only allow access to extra curricular programs if you follow their given curriculum. This could have posed a problem for us since our main reason for pulling the kids out of public school was because of a philosophical disagreement with the curriculum! But luckily we didn’t have to worry about that. #1 had been in summer band for the last two years with the middle school band director, and he wanted to keep #1 on the program; the school told him it was up to him whether to allow us in or not. So here we are.

School starts in a couple of weeks. Our schedule is going to be tricky because I’ll have to get #1 to school for 30-90 minutes each day, depending on the day. It’s not a convenient schedule. But at least he doesn’t have to give up music.

I guess the next step would be to set up a band program for homeschooling families. Now, that would be awesome!


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