Starting Too Early

22 Aug

As many of you know we are homeschooling our two oldest kids (#1 and #2). Things are going really well. #1 has been going to the local middle school’s band classes. We have to take him there and pick him up everyday. He’s there for 30-60 minutes everyday with an extra practice once a week for 2 hours. He’s also been working on some basic skills assignments that will eventually morph into an integrated project or two. Right now he is learning the basics of pre-Algebra and grammar, studying Spanish with the Rosetta Stone program and learning basic art fundamentals. He has also competed his Declaration of Independence assignment over the summer and will soon begin to study some American history related to that era. He is really moving right along and is enjoying what he is doing. He is becoming increasingly self-motivated and we have given him tips on how to become a true self-learner. And that is our goal.

We have had to take another route with #2. She is a very active child and has difficulty sitting still. She would have been quickly labeled ADHD in school. This was one of our reasons for wanting to homeschool her. She doesn’t need drugs; she needs to be allowed to be a kid. She’s a very smart child. So, we’ve decided on a less structured approach with her. Instead of trying to sit her down and cram facts and skills down her throat, we are letting her guide us and set the pace. What she choses to do for the day we use as the catalyst for demonstrating ideas and providing opportunities for practicing skills. It has been very successful so far and she has already made great strides toward maturity and patience. She’s already collected a cicada shell from the backyard to examine it. She’s trying to read and practices addition and grouping with blocks and pennies. But it’s all on her schedule. It is hard for me to back off with all of my education training, but this is really the best thing for her. This is truly individualized learning. And starting early does not necessarily mean greater success in the end.


One Response to “Starting Too Early”

  1. Christine August 22, 2007 at 4:37 pm #

    We take such an eclectic approach. It’s wonderful, and really hard – all at the same time! ha!

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