Physical Education and Health at Home

26 Oct

I’ve been looking for some reliable and effective programs to use for our health and fitness at home. Now that we home school, the kids are not getting “physical education”. Really, that is probably a good thing. From what I have been learning recently, most of what is taught in PE is not accurate or not effective. We are active at home and eat well. But I wanted to learn and teach some better exercise techniques and habits. From my research I am learning that cardio (like aerobics and jogging) is actually bad for you; but interval and strength training is very effective and healthy. I have found a couple of things that I think we are going to try here at home. Periodically, I will be posting articles from the different sources I have found that may be useful to you in bringing your own version of “PE” into your home school. The first one I’ll be covering is Turbulence Training by Craig Ballantyne. Check out Turbulence Training for yourself. I’ll also try posting some of our own experiences. This should be interesting.


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