Woe Is I Jr. – Patricia T. O’Conner

6 Dec

Here is a great little book to help explain all the weird little quirks of the English language. We got it for #1 to learn the basic rules of grammar. It is very easy to understand and is filled with modern examples (unlike those outdated grammar school books with Dick, Jane, and Spot). Skrek, Harry Potter, Harriet the Spy, The Series of Unfortunate Events and many other contemporary stories are used throughout the book as examples. There is also a fair share of burp jokes, comics, and silly riddles that kids love.

I loved the book, but I’m a bit of a grammar junkie. However, my son said it has helped him to finally “get” some things. The English language is filled with annoying little peculiarities like “i before e except after c”, when to use “I” or “me”, subject-verb tense agreement, and many others. Ms. Conner’s use of plain English and witty examples clears up the confusion.

I’m going to have to list this book as a “must read” for kids and list it with the Great Books, 4th-8th on the sidebar. Check it out.

Buy this book at Amazon.com


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