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Christmas Is All Gone

3 Jan

We took the tree down today and put away all the Christmas decorations. It is always sad to see those beautiful things get put into storage. #3 didn’t want it to go away. But as sad as it is to have Christmas over, it is sadder to see Christmas decorations still up in July. So away they went.

#1 asked an interesting question. What is more memorable? Putting up the decorations or putting them away? As a child I vividly remember setting out the decorations. Watching mom and dad try to figure out how to put the plastic tree together or dragging the real tree into the house. Watching them argue over the lights. Hanging up the ornaments, the stockings, and all the little nick knacks. I never remembered taking them down because mom always put everything away when we went back to school. We just came home and everything was gone. That was it.

But my husband has different memories. New Years Day was his daddy’s birthday. They’d take down all the decorations together and have birthday baked ham. It was an event.

I like that idea. This was the first year that we had the kids help put the decorations away and it was nice. As a teachable moment, it is good for them to learn that some things come to an end and that endings don’t have to be a bad thing. And why shouldn’t the end of Christmas be as memorable as the beginning. So maybe we’ll continue the tradition started with my husband’s family. Grandpa Jim may not be with us anymore. In fact, I never got to meet him. But we had baked ham on New Years day and the kids got to hear stories of “my daddy” from their dad.