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The Well Groomed Man

8 Jan

My husband hates shaving. Right now he’s in full winter beard mode. But when he does shave he uses this electric shaver. He’s never really been happy with it though. But he says it’s better than the cheap disposable shavers and shaving gel. He’s talked about going the old fashioned route, but there just isn’t that much info on that any more. Remember the old shaving strap? That’s what he’d like to use. I found these videos about shaving and thought I’d share them with you all.

The technique here is called “wet shaving” and according to the men who do it, it has a lot of benefits.
Wet shaving can:

* Help reduce razor burn, ingrown hairs and redness
* Save you money on shaving supplies
* Reduce environmental waste (the only waste is the lather from the natural soap you wash down the drain)
* Improve your self-esteem by giving you a smooth, refreshing shave
* Help you connect with the shaving traditions of your grandfather or great-grandfather

Taking care of yourself should be fun, and can be an art. It is nice to see this kind of topic for men. So much of personal care is focused on women. But it is important for men too.