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The Predicament of the New Hampshire Primaries

9 Jan

There is a lot of fuss in the news right now about voter fraud in New Hampshire. This is especially worrisome to me because New Hampshire is supposed to be the “Live Free or Die!” state. I had hoped that things would be a little different in New Hampshire, what with the Free State Project and all. But it seems that I was wrong.

The world is watching the United States right now – watching how we handle our elections. The U.S. frequently barges in on other countries to manage their election. It would seem that elections are just as fraudulent here in the land of liberty. And soon the world is going to know it. What a problem this could pose the next time the U.S. tries to intervene in somebody else’s election.

Let’s hope that New Hampshire fixes this problem. Some are even calling for a reVOTE. That would be interesting to see. Not only was there a debacle with the counting, but they were also using the Diebold voting machines.

Should we go to open elections? Where everyone knows who voted and how? I understand the argument that this could cause some people to coerce votes through manipulations, bullying, and threats. But would it really be much different from now? Now you can vote, but there is no real guarantee that your vote will even be counted. Personally, I’d rather know that my voice was heard – LOUD AND CLEAR.