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Boycott Charter Communications

11 Jan

What a week this has been. Busy. It’s been so crazy. But today was katsudon night. Ohhh yum! My favorite. We had friends over, ate some good food, and sat around and chatted for a while. And the kids were so good. I am happy.

But earlier this week, grrr. I had to spend time at the bank trying to stop a payment. What a fiasco. If any of you use CHARTER COMMUNICATIONS, cable tv, internet, or phone, whatever, STOP. Stop using Charter. They’ve been trying to take out nearly $150 from our checking account. We did have an automatic monthly payment set up, but this is something else. We’ve been trying to get this fixed since before Christmas and we can’t get ahold of anybody but their customer service minions who keep telling us they can’t help us, nor can they give us the contact information of someone who can. My best friend’s neighbor works for Charter and gave us the email of the general manager. But guess what! His email address didn’t accept my email. So the end result, we’ve canceled the automatic payment; put a stop payment through our bank and may have to open a new account because of this; started telling everyone we know to boycott Charter; and we are looking for other internet options. Unfortunately, in our area there are not many options. You have dial-up, Charter, or satellite. Dial-up just isn’t going to cut it for what we do here; my husband does internet radio. And satellite internet has a hefty up front cost. Not sure what we are going to do about this.

Yes, now I feel better. Not only am I well fed, but now I’ve gotten this aggravating issue off my chest. Thanks.