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Net Vibes is Awesome

23 Jan

I used to have a Google main page. It was pretty cool because I could leave notes to myself, keep all my bookmarks in one place, scan some news, and play some games. But my Honey, being the ever vigilant websurfer, was afraid of tracking. So he started using Net Vibes. He set it up for me too and it is COOL.

I’m relatively knew to RSS feeds, but Net Vibes makes it easy. You just click on a button to add content, then type in the website, select a feed, and viola! It’s all done for you. Now I can subscribe to all my favorite blogs instead of trying to remember to look them up in my bookmarks. YAY!

And it’s got a ton of other stuff. I can still scan the news and set up bookmarks and to-do lists. I’ve got links to email and social networking sites. And I’m still finding new stuff.

I love it when I feel organized. It’s an awesome feeling.