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Crackin’ that Whip

28 Jan

Had to get on Pork Chop today about doing his school work. He’s been trying to avoid and evade the responsibility (as any normal 12 year old would). I hate having to play the enforcer, but sometimes it’s a necessity. The biggest problem is that he is so distracted by “helping” with the little ones that he misses the importance of doing his own work. And that makes it harder to be hard on him. He cares about his little brother and sisters and wants to help them out. That’s a good thing! Yet at the same time, helping mom and dad with the wee ones at the expense of his learning is not good. So we set up a more rigid schedule for him. We initially wanted him to be a little more self-directed. But after several years of conditioning in public school to depend on teacher directed instruction along with the huge age difference between him and the younger children and him wanting to help out has led Honey and me to decide that Pork Chop needs a slightly stricter format before we can gradually ween him off to become more independent.