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Nipple Confusion

30 Jan

Hummingbird has finally learned how to make the sign for nursing. It’s so cute and she is so proud of herself. And what a stinker too! She’ll climb onto my lap and cock her head, just so, and with a little pixie grin on her face whisper “peeese” while making the milk sign with one hand and tapping my chest with the other. Who can resist that! I just love nursing. It’s such a wonderful experience. Now, Hummingbird is reaching her 18th month, so she really doesn’t “need” it. She eats regular table food for every meal. It’s just that neither of us are ready to give it up yet. Ah well, it’ll happen.

But something funny happened today. Daddy went to pick her up. She’s all snuggly and cozy in Daddy’s arms. Then she looks at him and taps him on the chest and makes the milk sign! Too funny. Daddy just looks at her and calmly tells her that he can’t do that, only Mommy can. I guess she didn’t get the memo from Safe Baby Handling Tips by David and Kelly Sopp.