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The School of Sex

31 Jan

“Doctors should begin teaching adolescent sex education, a new study argues, because schools in Illinois aren’t doing a good enough job.

The study, to be published Thursday in the American journal Obstetrics & Gynecology, found that one-third of sex education teachers in Illinois public schools were not teaching comprehensive sex ed.” (Stephanie Banchero, Chicago Tribune)

What do they mean by “comprehensive sex ed”? The article goes into how many teachers cover how to use condoms and contraceptives and how abstinence only programs are hurting education. Does “comprehensive” include sexual orientation too? What are they talking about?

How exactly are doctors supposed to get involved in teaching sex education? Are they going to be hired as teachers? Will they be writing the curriculum? Are doctors going to start scheduling a special visit to the office?

Really, sex education needs to start at a very early age. Middle school is way too late. I wrote about talking to your young kids in an earlier article. But really, I don’t think this subject needs to be covered in schools. Public schools have a hard enough time covering the basics (remember reading, writing, and arithmetic?). If schools really feel the need to get involved in sex education how about setting up an annual meeting inviting doctors, nurses, and religious leaders to talk with parents and their kids together. I understand that a lot of people feel uncomfortable discussing sex with their children; I also understand that a lot of us were raised by parents that didn’t talk about sex. That’s okay. If you know it is important but find that you need help, there is help out there. Talk with your doctor on your own terms. Talk with your pastor. Maybe a good friend can help out. It doesn’t matter. The conversation needs to take place; and your kid needs to know that you think it is important.