Snow Day

1 Feb

Today was a snow day. Winter storm hit last night and dumped a ton of snow on the ground. Band was canceled and we just decided to call off home school for the day too. Pumpkin was ecstatic (to say the least). It was non-stop “Can we go outside to play?” all morning until we finally consented. Too cold for me though (I’m a wimp) so I stayed inside with Hummingbird where it was nice and warm.

The three bigger kids played outside making snow angels and forts. I really need to get that camera working so I can take pictures. Squirrel only lasted a half an hour until his nose got too cold. So he had to come in. Of course, he was still so short that wading through the snow was a huge chore for him. Pumpkin was laying out some pretty serious construction plans for this snow fort. Apparently, it had to be high enough for Pork Chop to stand up (he’s taller than me now) and needed to have all sorts of modern amenities like running water and electricity! She even had plans to host a sleepover inside it. Needless to say, this monstrosity of a building is not yet complete, even after spending the entire afternoon working on it. Poor Pork Chop.


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