Something’s Rotten

7 Feb

We had a bit of excitement today at dinner time.

A stranger came up to our front door shined a flashlight through the window and rang the door bell. He asked for someone who didn’t live around here, but who had the same last name as I do (we have multiple last names at this house). He was driving an unmarked black tow truck. He claimed to be from a recovery service. He started to take down our license plate number and other information off our van that was parked in the street. Honey tried to get some information from him but was rudely rebuffed.

We own our van. Payed cash for it and have the title locked in a safe. Couldn’t he have noticed that our van was not the vehicle he was looking for? Shouldn’t he have had a description of the make, model, and color as well as the license plate number?

This man stayed parked in front of our house with his tow truck running. So we called the police and took down what information we could from his tow truck. Now, we only live a block away from the police station, but it seemed to take forever. But here’s the funny thing. When the police car was coming down the street the guy shouted out the window while he sped off, “Tell them to look for a black truck; they know who I am.” Luckily the cop stopped him at the corner.

Something felt fishy. We’ve had experience with repo men before. The last time they were very nice, gave us the name of the company they worked for, what items they were claiming, and who they were claiming the items for. And here’s something that you may not know, repossessors are required by law to stop at the police department first and give detailed information about what they plan to do. There was no record at the police department that this guy had any right to be here. The police officer told us that if he shows up again he will be arrested.

We looked up the information from the tow truck. After some searching (we had to do a USDOT registration search) we finally found out that the truck belongs to The Recovery Group. Let us hope that this is just some rogue employee trying to score. I’d hate to think that this is how this repo company operates. We will be calling them in the morning.

Needless to say, it was a bit scary and the kids got all worried and excited about it. After dinner they all camped by the front window with their flashlights “keeping watch for that black truck”. I guess I should be glad that they are not afraid to protect themselves.

So, word of warning out there. These guys don’t have the right to do whatever they want. This could have been some guy using a tow truck to scare people in a poor neighborhood into thinking he had the right to take their vehicle.


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