Something’s Rotten: Update

8 Feb

Honey called the The Recovery Group today to talk to them about last night’s incident. Turns out they really are just a bunch of jerks. They blew him off with a “that’s how this business works” nonsense. Really. They have the right to harass innocent people and disrupt their peace. They have a right to behave illegally? Bollocks. They told Honey there was no need to report to the police because they were not actually collecting anything last night. Really? That’s why the jerk showed up in a tow truck peacocking around our property and blazed the minute the police showed up. This kind of crap really irks me. This is how they do business? I hope they have good insurance (or do I?) because one day they are going to get sued or get the crap beaten out of them. At this point, I’m not sure which one I would prefer. I’m just thankful that it wasn’t Honey doing the beating. He can get pretty feisty. I’m usually the pacifist; but in this case I might have been there egging him on.


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