Tax Returns!

15 Feb

We got our tax returns today. Hooray! We are in desperate need of new tires. So we trekked down to the local big box store. (Yes, we still shop there. Unfortunately for us there are not a lot of options in our area). We normally go to an independent tire dealer. Honey’s been going to him forever. But he died a couple of years ago and the son sold the business. Well, we had some household shopping to do today, so we thought “why not throw some rocks at birds” and get it all done in one trip. We signed up for an oil change and four new tires. We even upgraded to the premium oil change so we could get Penzoil instead of store-brand oil. Well, they wouldn’t change our tires. They broke off one of the lug nuts and tried to say it was like that (it wasn’t) and then their policy is they can’t remove a broken lug nut. Okay, fine, we’ll go somewhere else. Just give us our car back. But they had already changed the oil. And you know what-it was the economy service instead of the premium service. So instead of the $500 we were planning on spending they only got $25. Man, we were trying so hard to give them our money – they just didn’t want it.


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