A New Direction – The Quest to Find Your Passion

18 Mar

With our move to a more unschooled approach we are encountering some difficulties with our oldest child.  Pork Chop is weeks away from becoming a full blown teenager.  Unlike the other children he has been in and out of public school; and when he was home schooled, it was very structured – almost like regular school at home.  The more I learn about schooling and education, the more I realize this was the wrong approach.  How can Pork Chop discover what truly interests and motivates him if we are constantly telling him what he needs to study.  So, we are releasing the reigns.  The problem is that since he has spent his whole life with adults telling him what he needs to learn and how, he is having some difficulty.  But I am not concerned.  We had a talk today and I laid out my delima point blank so that he understands where I am coming from.  The trick is for him to discover what interests him.  Turns out he is really interested in developing some computer programs.  This doesn’t surprise me.  When he was 2, he fixed his preschool’s computer.  Nobody knows exactly what he did except that first it didn’t work, then he did something and it worked fine.

I cannot regret that it has taken so long to get to this place in his education – I was doing what I thought was best, and following the format that is most acceptable to the world.  But I do know that given the opportunity, he will find his own passion and excel.  It is never too late.

So the plan thus far…

Pork Chop figures out what it is exactly he wants to accomplish, then how to achieve it, and then what he needs to learn to do it.  It’s pretty simple when you break it down like that.  But as I am learning, life really is not that complicated.  It is simple.


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