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A New Kind of School

27 Mar

My husband and I are about to realize a life-long dream.  Our school is almost ready to open (scheduled for fall 2009 if all goes according to plan).  Yay!  This is a culmination of everything we have been working on since we started training to be teachers.  It’s a totally different kind of school.

It’s essentially based on the principle that each student is an individual with different needs and interests and that learning can easily take place once you focus on those individual needs and interests.  It’s really IEPs the way they are supposed to be.

I always used to get frustrated when dealing with IEPs at public school because I never really understood how it was helping the student.  “Johnny has problems with spelling so teachers will not penalized him in grading for spelling errors.”  Now come on….  How does that help Johnny overcome his difficulty with spelling?  IEPs have just become an excuse to not perform at an acceptable level and helps the schools pass students who are not ready to graduate.

IEPs are used by the school to excuse all kinds of learning lapses.  Grammar, mathematics, dates, spelling, reading comprehension.  Instead of using it as a tool to help the students overcome their difficulties, they are used as an excuse.

And don’t get me started on ADHD.  Yes, there are some (very few) children that have a serious medical issue that require the use of such hard core drugs like Aderall and Ridalin.  But the majority of the children on these drugs are just bored in class.  If you had to sit still in a stuffy classroom waiting for the teacher to handle the classroom management only to get started on some dull rote skill work with no understanding of how it fits into real life, you would be fidgety and bothersome too.

But our school is going to change all that.  A custom-fit education for everyone.

Everything is almost ready.  We’ve even been to the bank and they want to work with us.  We’ve just got to finalize some paperwork and come up with a major down payment.  Sigh.  It always comes down to money.  But I am confident that the money will come…  simply because this school needs to be a reality.

You can read more about the school if you are interested at Pomegranate Gardens School