Band season is over.

20 May

Pork Chop has been going to the public school just to attend band classes for the past two years. The poor guy was a real champ jumping through all the silly little obstacles the public school dished out to him. But then… he REALLY wanted to be in band. Oh, he had to ring the bell to get the door to open, then sign in EVERY DAY. He also had to keep track of any time the band class had a change in schedule, like for assemblies, career day, half days. You name it. He also worked with the teacher to get a heads up if there was going to be a substitute teacher so that he wouldn’t waste his time showing up on a day when there would be no instruction.

I have mixed feelings about it all being over. I am sad that he doesn’t have that outlet anymore. I know he loves music, but he’s not continuing on the the high school band for a myriad of reasons. And then at the same time I am so relieved that all this schlepping around is over. Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays we’d have to take him for 30 minutes. (yeah, class was 30 minutes long!) Then Tuesdays and Thursdays he’d be there for lunch from noon to 2pm, then back again for after school practice 3:30-5pm. Keep in mind that he is not the only child and we have some still taking naps between 2-4pm. Yeah. It was an organizational nightmare. But it is over. He did so great and I am so proud.


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