Summer-Time School

27 May

Peering out of my rain-lashed window with the cool breeze blowing in through the back door, I wonder how I can call it summer time. Yet, it is almost June, band is finished for the season, and it is time to start planning for the next round of school projects.

We have had a good year so far. Pork Chop has been working on learning how to research and write. His last report on Frank Hopkins was really interesting. He just needs to remember to leave out the contractions in formal writing. He’s also been journeying into the land of physics, Newtonian/Classical physics on motion. He’s been struggling a bit with building his mousetrap car, but once he gets over the hump I’m sure he’ll be okay. He’s also continuing his study of computer coding and web design. I’m surprised at how much he is picking up. Pumpkin is more of a reader than she would care to admit. I think she still likes story time where mom and dad read TO her more than she likes reading herself. So that is limiting her displays of literacy. However, when we sit her down with a book she reads, stumbling over only the more advanced words like anxious and mangled (it was a book on horses). She does struggle with the ‘th’ words. but we are working on those.

So, for the summer… more reading! Of course. Pork Chop will also be learning the basic skills of planning and goal setting as well as a little bit of American history with the Federalist Papers and other founding documents. There will also be a bit of geography for both of them.

And let’s not forget… plenty of outside time, exploring nature and getting plenty of sunshine (keep our vitamin D levels up). Oh it should be so much fun.


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