Back to School – Everything you REALLY need to start school

17 Aug

Getting ready to start school again. Due to some family issues, we actually took the whole summer off this year. But everybody is ready to go now!

Every time I walk into the local big blue box store (yeah, you know which one I’m talking about) I am greeted with the huge back to school signs and fliers and school supply lists. But come on! Do you really need everything on that list? I mean, will you fail out of school if you don’t have a pack of colored pencils? *rolls eyes*. Now, don’t get me wrong. I actually love colored pencils, and art supplies are some of my favorite things. But the list of: one red pocket folder, one blue pocket folder, one green pocket folder, 12 #2 pencils (yellow only – no fancy colors)…. Sheesh. That was a bit obsessive. And how many of you parents still have your old Trapper Keeper? (Or God forbid, how many of you parents don’t even know what a Trapper Keeper is!)

So, what did we get?

  • graph paper (makes math easier, used for graphs, used with certain art projects)
  • college ruled lined paper (for the older kid)
  • primary journal (for the younger kid learning how to write)
  • sketch paper (for drawing and painting)
  • colored construction paper

We already have:

  • scissors (one for each kid, age appropriate)
  • pencils (Mirado black warriors are our favorite, they sharpen nice, erase well, and write nice and clean)
  • colored pencils (Berol prismacolor, because cheap colored pencils suck to use)
  • crayons (Crayola really does make the best crayon, the other brands are too waxy – not enough color)
  • markers (from my years of teaching I found that Sanford Mr. Sketch makes the better washable marker, it doesn’t rub off like Crayola markers do, and the colors are bright. It’s also a little cheaper if you can find it.)
  • glue (we usually get Elmers, it works)
  • ink pens (ah, everyone has their own preference)
  • rulers (metal for better accuracy and if you’re going to be using it with an x-acto knife, otherwise the plastic ones work just fine)

What more do you really need?

Stay tuned for some new lesson ideas!


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