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2008 Resolutions

6 Feb

All right, I know that it is February and that most people make their resolutions on the first day of the year. I don’t normally make resolutions because I thought they were silly. What was the point of making a resolution that wouldn’t be kept.

But I started thinking about it a different way. If I am a work in progress, then the point is to continually strive for self-improvement. Sometimes I fail; but I get up and try again. That is why I have decided to make my resolutions this year. Maybe this will be the start of a new me.

I decided to make my resolutions very specific and detailed, included time frames where I thought they were needed. I also made them in 5 different categories (based on the recommendations from Early To Rise.

My Goals for 2008



Improve diet

  • Eliminate synthetics from my diet (including MSG, corn syrup, and preservatives)

  • Reduce or eliminate processed carbohydrates

  • Increase amount of all natural and organic foods and grass-fed/free range meats

Exercise daily

  • Step 1 – Stretch daily

  • Step 2 – Strength training 3X week

  • Step 3 – Interval training 3X week


Increase income

  • Get interview for better paying job

  • Develop websites for income generating potential

  • ~~Blankets 4 Babies (active site by April 13th)

    1. Write copy and plan layout

    2. Implement design

    3. email registration and donation link

    4. develop support materials

    5. gifts for donors and to purchase available on site

    6. make contacts w/ other agencies to distribute blankets and support materials

  • ~~Everyday Parent

  • Complete Shamus McChan’s business plan to approach lenders

Pay off debts

  • Grandma Helen

  • Song’s Martial Arts

  • bills

Personal Development

  • Learn Spanish (be able to hold a 5 minute conversation in Spanish w/ native speaker)

  • Study 15minutes daily using Rosetta Stone

  • Learn how to knit (make a sweater)

  • Write daily in P&E blog (365 posts)

Social Development

  • Look everyone I encounter in the eye

  • Through B4B, support other young mothers in need